Palgrave Macmillan recently published New Paths to Public Histories, a volume of essays co-edited by Dr Kate Smith (Department of History) and Professor Margot Finn (UCL History). 

New Paths to Public Histories argues that common understandings of who owns history and who writes history need to be dramatically reworked. It suggests that academic historians can enrich their scholarship by recognizing historical research produced by local and family historians, archivists, curators, heritage sector professionals and by finding new ways of researching in concert with these constituencies. With contributions from academics, museum professionals, curators, local historians and archivists this innovative volume explores how and when different research communities can overlap and why shared conversations are important. New Paths to Public Histories is an essential resource for historians interested in public history and heritage. It tracks the practical, financial, ethical and intellectual issues at stake in collaborative research projects and shows how important they are to current and future ways of working. 

New paths to public histories book cover