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The School of Physics & Astronomy has made a number of excellent appointments over the past couple of months including:

Professor Phil Allport
Chair in Particle Physics

Professor Phil Allport is an expert on radiation-hard detectors for use at hadron colliders and pioneered the use of p-type substrate sensors for such environments. From 2011-2015 he was the Upgrade Coordinator of the ATLAS Experiment on the LHC and a member of the ATLAS Executive Board. He is a leading international advocate of the High-Luminosity LHC (LHC upgrade programme) having been joint organiser of the European Committee for Future Accelerator HL-LHC Experiments Workshops.

Professor Phil Allport

He has served on a number of national and international committees including chairing the UK Particle Physics Advisory Panel and the Institute of Physics High Energy Particle Physics Group. He is also a founder member of the Proton Radiotherapy Verification and Dosimetry Application consortium, employing HL-LHC detector technology developed with UK industry for medical applications.

Other appointments include:

  • Mr Kish Chowdhury, Teaching Support Administrator
  • Dr Philip Milsom, Senior Research Fellow
  • Dr Vitor Oiko, Research Fellow
  • Miss Marisa Perea Ortiz, Research Fellow
  • Dr Joanna Smart, Project Manager