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HSMC would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the 207 Nye Bevan participants who have been awarded the NHS Leadership Academy Award in Executive Healthcare Leadership.

The awards were confirmed at a Validating Board on the 19 January for Cohorts 1-5 of the Nye Bevan programme. True to the underlying principles of the programme, the decision to award this qualification was made with the active involvement of patients, staff and existing senior leaders. Validating Board members included; two patients, a current NHS chief executive, a frontline staff member, two programme directors, the assessment moderator, the external examiner (a university professor), the Academy programme sponsor, the programme lead for the professional leadership programmes, the coordinator and two Nye Bevan set advisers.

The NHS Leadership Academy's Nye Bevan programme - Leading Care III - is provided by HSMC, together with internationally renowned academic institutions such as Manchester Business School, Harvard School of Public Health and Erasmus University Rotterdam, as well as leading international commercial organisations, such as KPMG.

The programme is aimed at senior leaders who have led large functions or departments and are thinking of moving up to the top team. It enables participants to develop their leadership skills that help influence and make a fundamental difference to the quality of care delivered to patients, not just in people's own organisation but across the whole healthcare system.

The programme is flexible by design, shaped around the participant's needs and requires about eight hours of your time each week. Learning focuses on personal coaching, peer-review and self-management to equip participants with the skills and confidence required to navigate the most demanding roles in our healthcare system - with challenging content and methods.

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