A recently published paper has looked at the strategies that sexual offenders use when communicating with victims via Internet platforms. 

The article was published in the journal 'Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment', and presents a study that investigated cases of online child sexual exploitation and abuse which took place via Internet communication platforms. Dr Juliane Kloess and her colleagues investigated naturally occurring, sexually exploitative interactions between offenders and underage children, by analysing transcripts of chat logs of such interactions both thematically and discursively. The analyses revealed that offenders used a range of manipulative strategies to engage their victims and achieve their compliance. 

Juliane Kloess is currently working as a research fellow on a collaborative research project between the University of Birmingham and West Midlands Police. The article presents one of the studies that she conducted as part of her PhD in Forensic Psychology. 


Juliane A. Kloess, Sarah Seymour-Smith, Catherine E. Hamilton-Giachritsis, Matthew L. Long, David Shipley, and Anthony R. Beech, ‘A Qualitative Analysis of Offenders’ Modus Operandi in Sexually Exploitative Interactions With Children Online’, Sex Abuse. 2015 Nov 10. pii: 1079063215612442.

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