The Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security is delighted to announce that Professor Ken Booth will be joining us to launch his new book International Relations: All That Matters on the 27th January 2015.

The talk introduced Professor Booth's latest book, which seeks to provide an accessible but sophisticated understanding of international relations for those with no specialised knowledge of the field (which is almost everybody in the world).  The book argues that actually practised international relations are critical in determining who gets what globally, and in explaining 'big and important things' like war but also small and important things like individual identities.  Meanwhile, academic International Relations (IR) asks the most fundamental questions about politics in the the biggest political arena of all.  Despite this, there is a woeful ignorance, in general and in the social sciences, about this critical level of world politics.

Professor Ken Booth has given presentations in approximately 30 countries and his writing has been translated into ten languages.  He has published nearly 30 books, as well as numerous articles and chapters. He is a Fellow of the British Academy (FBA) and was recipient in 2004 of the International Studies Association’s Susan Strange Award in recognition of his contribution to challenging conventional wisdom and intellectual complacency in the international studies community.  He is presently President of the David Davies Memorial Institute for International Studies in the Department of International Politics, Aberystwyth University, where he was formerly the E.H.Carr Professor and Head of Department.  He has been Editor of the journal International Relationsfor over ten years and is a former Chair (and was first President) of the British International Studies Association.   

Recorded: Tuesday 27th January 2015 (18:00-19:30)

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