The aim of the workshop is to discuss the unique opportunities and challenges which face scholars focusing on the exploding area of "drone" research. The workshop aims to facilitate discussion of the following three areas:

  • Different theoretical perspectives: International Relations, Legal, Sociological, Cultural, Ethical, Gender etc.;
  • Methodologies and Methods: How research on drones can be approached, the ways in which these provide us with different information and different applications;
  • Problems: Research into drones can be difficult, especially for those interested in the use of drones in conflict zones. How we get around these challenges and produce high quality and rigorous research.

The workshop included two presentations by Dr Peter Lee (University of Portsmouth): the first on his work on "drone" pilots and RAF ethos; and the second on his experiences of fieldwork at RAF Waddington and Creech Air Force Base.

The funding for this workshop has kindly been provided by the Royal Aeronautical Society and the Centre for War Studies at the University of Birmingham.

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