This year for Poynting Physical Society (PPS) has been hugely successful, with some wonderful events throughout the year which have brought together all members of the Society. Now, at the end of the year, we look back on the tremendous variety of entertainment that the Society has provided, including three bar crawls, two quizzes, a theatre trip, a Christmas meal and a night of bowling, not to mention the amazing PPS Spring Ball at Council House in Birmingham. The turnout for all of these events was great and as ever, the members of PPS made every one special, so the committee would like to thank all those who got involved.

20 March brought the wonderful Night at the Oscars Spring Ball. This managed to draw 250 people into the elegant Council House in the city centre for a night of frivolity and dancing, which provided a perfect final event for the term. Many guests enjoyed a taste of free popcorn and candyfloss, giving the Ball a light-hearted atmosphere that led to a fun-filled but formal evening that all could enjoy.


On 9 June the societies of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences headed to the EPS Societies’ Awards at Staff House on campus. PPS garnered an inspiring 28 nominations for several different categories. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to win any awards but the evening served as a well-deserved reward to some very hard-working members of the committee and it was good to see members of the Society getting involved in nominations. Fingers crossed we can win some awards in 2016!

It is the end of the academic year, which spells graduation for many members, to whom we wish the best of luck! Unfortunately this also means that we are losing some truly inspirational people from the committee. These people have been on the PPS committee for a long time and have done incredible work to get our Society to where it is today. We cannot thank them enough for this, and a special mention is definitely in order: so to George, Josh, Alex, Pepper, Emelia, Ceri, Toby, Galen and Tom, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for PPS and good luck in your future endeavours. You will be missed greatly!

As always, if you have any ideas for events in 2015/16 or would like information about the Society, don’t hesitate to get in touch at eps-community@contacts.bham.ac.uk