The 2015/16 academic year has got off to a strong start for the Poynting Physical Society (PPS)! Our first event, the now annual Higgs Booze-on bar crawl, was a huge success with 230 members of the Society attending and engaging in a night of camaraderie and socialising that won't be forgotten soon.

With the influx of first years has come a big boost in PPS memberships, with most freshers keen to grab their life membership from the start. This has inspired a need to impress amongst the committee who are now hard at work planning a wide range of events. The recent eight round autumn quiz neatly packed out the Bridge Study Room and was conquered by a team named "I'll give that an eight star rating"; Ray Jones would be proud!

Currently there are talks of several different events coming soon, with the most recent and in depth discussion around a trip to the Diamond Light Source synchrotron in Oxford. We hope that this trip will be a collaboration between PPS, NucSoc (Nuclear Physics) and BUMS (Birmingham University Materials Society) and that it will open the doors to further joint events that could benefit a wide range of students throughout the year. 

Later in the term there will be a Christmas meal at a local venue. The last two years the event has been held at the Sundarbon restaurant on the Bristol Road, which offered a more alternative take with turkey dressed in an array of spices. This year will see the return of the more traditional Christmas meal and will hopefully appeal to a bigger group of members who are looking forward to the joys of Christmas dinner with their friends without the worries of cooking!

As always, if you have any questions or stories of PPS days past, we'd love to hear them! Please contact us at eps-community@contacts.bham.ac.uk.