Professor Susan Hunston has just been elected Chair of UCGAL, the University Council of General and Applied Linguistics. She will be helping to lead and shape the way Linguistics is researched and taught, at a national and international level.

Here is some background on the Council:

The Council was established in 2009, to provide a unified voice on public policy matters for linguistics within the UK higher education community. UCGAL links together major learned societies and associations in the field, with the following aims:

  1. to promote research, teaching and learning, and scholarship in general and applied linguistics;
  2. to promote co-operation and co-ordination, and the sharing of expertise and good practice, between institutions, learned societies, professional associations and related bodies in the area of general and applied linguistics;
  3. to support and promote the health and sustainability of general and applied linguistics;
  4. to represent general and applied linguistics in the co-ordination and formulation of policies and their adoption by appropriate national and international agencies.