Rory secured a BSc in Accounting and Finance in 2014 and has been working as an Analyst for World Fuel Services in London.

I spent the summer enjoying the graduation feeling, and having some time to stop and assess my options, as well as see friends, sort myself out post uni and put my CV together (or update it at least). I then found many jobs that interested me and after around five interviews that I learned a lot from, but didn’t get the job, I finally landed one, when I thought I had no chance. The job itself is as an Analyst, working in Victoria in London (only catch with London jobs is the cost of living and commuting each day, make sure you budget it all out!).

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Being an analyst can mean many things, but in my case it’s for a company called World Fuel Services. They are specialists in fuel logistics and supply. I was hired as the UK Energy Services Analyst, which is in a new team who procure and supply Natural gas and Electricity to large industrial and commercial customers, as well as some SMEs. The job entails a lot of analysis, obviously, so building spreadsheets to model out the costs of purchasing and supplying but also breaking down many bills into their individual components. This then allows us to analyse where we can make savings for the customer that we then take a share of. I had no previous experience of working in the energy/oil industry and have learnt it all on the job, a steep learning curve initially, but after around eight months it’s becoming more familiar.

I have been back a few times to see sporting team mates and also friends who are now on Masters degree. Plus any excuse to appear for a FAB is always welcome.

I am in regular contact with friends from Birmingham, as I have strong connections with a lot of them. I have come across one or two other Brum graduates since graduating, including one from around 20 years ago.

The ability to talk to and get along with almost anyone. I played squash during my time at Birmingham, and I was in many situations where I was talking to and interacting with many people from many different backgrounds that I did not know. This is a really valuable asset, especially since most roles out there are client/customer facing.