The ESRC project, Researching multilingualism, multilingualism in research practice (2010-2013) which was based in the MOSAIC Centre for Research on Multilingualism has been evaluated as 'Outstanding'. Five members of the MOSAIC Centre were involved in the running of the project : Deirdre Martin (PI), Professor Adrian Blackledge, Professor Angela Creese, Professor Sheena Gardner and Professor Marilyn Martin-Jones.

The project was funded under the ESRC's Researcher Development Initiative (RDI) (Round 4). As with the other RDI projects, it had a national (UK) brief and the MOSAIC Centre served as the hub.

Reviewers' comments include the following:

"The highlight of the project must be the opportunities for international networking, research collaboration and further capacity-building which have been made possible... I have rated this project 'outstanding' because I believe that the grant holders not only fulfilled their initial aims but also have had an impact on the development of multilingualism research which will last for a considerable length of time" 

"The grant holders have done all they can to achieve the maximum scientific impact for their work and the project will have a lasting impact on the research culture of the field, both in the UK and internationally"

"The project has been of high quality, has reached a very substantial number of participants, and has been instrumental in building and enhancing research capacity in multilingualism in universities across the UK and, indeed, internationally. In my view, the project has probably delivered even more than was initially envisaged, and appears to have been a thoroughly worthwhile investment of ESRC funds".