The winning entry for the Critical Writing Prize 2015 sponsored by Critical Publishing has been won by Rebecca Green from the School of Education. Rebecca is a postgraduate student in Primary education (QTS).

This annual prize is for the best student essay demonstrating a high level of critical thinking. The prize is open to any undergraduate or postgraduate student from the full range of social work and education related disciplines.

Rebecca’s winning entry was written in response to the question The Simple View of Reading (DfES, 2006) identifies two processes which are both essential to secure effective reading: word recognition processes and language comprehension processes. Discuss and analyse each of these processes and how they were developed in the teaching of reading in your SE1 classroom. It can be read on The Critical Blog:

Julia Morris, Education Director at Critical Publishing said

“Critical Publishing is committed to helping people in education and social work become the best students and professionals they can be, in particular by fostering a critical approach to learning. We were very pleased with the number and quality of the entries we received for this year’s prize, which has been expanded to cover both undergraduate and postgraduate students.”