On the evening of Monday 9 March the University of Birmingham will be screening a film about antibiotic resistance followed by a debate around antimicrobial resistance. 

The evening will begin with the film Resistance which looks at the devastating impact of antibiotic resistance and asks ‘Do we need to save antibiotics to save ourselves?’. 

A debate will follow with a panel chaired by Professor Alice Roberts and comprising Professor Laura Piddock (scientist), Dr Matt O’Shea (an infectious diseases physician, currently in Sierra Leone tackling the Ebola crisis), Ananth Srinivasan (fourth year medical student), and Ms Sharon Brennan (a patient). The panel will invite questions from the audience to discuss the topic: ‘Are new antibiotics the only way to solve this crisis?’ 

The event will be jointly hosted by the University of Birmingham, the British Science Association and Antibiotic Action on behalf of the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy.