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Stuart attained a BSc in Business Management in 2014 and has been having a ball since leaving university last summer.

I am currently the Talent Administrator for Volleyball England – the organization responsible for the development, promotion and delivery of Volleyball across England. My job involves organising training camps for the England national squads, arranging travel and accommodation logistics as well as managing the social media activity for the events.

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I have been back three times since finishing - to visit friends who are still studying at Birmingham and also to pay a couple of visits to Fab on a Saturday!

I am still in touch with friends from university, both those who were still studying during 2014-15 and those who graduated when I did. There are also two other University of Birmingham graduates in my current office, and the Head Coach of the Boys under 17 volleyball team also attended Birmingham so I have plenty of links back to the University.

I learned at university a great deal of real world skills, developed my confidence and gained a broader outlook on life.