New publication from Hajo Zeeb, Nataliya Makarova, Tilman Brand and Michi Knecht, published in Public Health Forum.

Abstract: European populations are changing fast (Rechel B, Mladovsky P, Ingleby D, Mackenbach JP, McKee M.Migration and health in an increasingly diverse Europe. Lancet 2013;381:1235–45). Social categories such as ethnicity, migration background, country of origin, socioeconomic status and gender exist alongside each other but need to be considered jointly in order to better capture the ever increasing complexity of communities and their inhabitants. In the last decade, the concept of “superdiversity” (Vertovec S. Super-diversity and its implications. Ethnic and Racial Studies 2007;30:1024–54) has emerged: it aims to capture the further diversification of diversity and refers specifically to urban communities where established immigrant groups mix with newly arriving immigrants, adding to the already existing social, ethnic and cultural diversity.

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