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When people reflect on their time spent at university, being a part of a society often brings back fond memories. The University offers more than 200 diverse and interesting societies for students to choose from, through the Guild of Students.

They can learn archery and enter tournaments, bond over a shared interest in Harry Potter, re-enact battles, or even show off their journalism skills by joining the student run newspaper, Redbrick. Colleges also host societies related to their subjects such as the Poynting Physical Society, which is more than one hundred years old and offered by the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences.

With such a wide array on offer, there is truly something for everyone.

Houmaa Chaudhry, the current chair of the ACappella society, said: ‘I recommend that everyone joins a society. It’s where I’ve met my closest friends and has helped me develop both personally and professionally. I’ve built up my skills in event management, role delegation, organisation and multi-tasking and it’s helped me to secure a part-time job at the Voice festival, which is where I first fell in love with a cappella.’

Societies can benefit from donations given by generous alumni for an idea that they have to benefit the wider student community through the Development and Alumni Relations Office “Hands Up” scheme.

This year, the ACappella society has been awarded funding, which will allow members to go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to help raise their profile and network with other universities. Some societies were even invited to double their money by producing a YouTube video showcasing why they need the additional funding.

Houmaa added: ‘It is incredibly generous of alumni to give back to something that will hugely benefit the experience of students and societies like ours. We are very grateful for their generosity.’

The Sons of Pitches, an acappella group who formed in the Acappella society, also benefited by attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival while still students. They recently won The Naked Choir, an acappella singing competition on BBC2 and are now pursuing a professional singing career.

Whether it’s joining the cycling club or the Formula Student Team, the experience of being in a society while at university will have a lasting impact long after graduation.

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