The University is collaborating with FitnessGenes, an Oxfordshire-based research laboratory producing DNA-based fitness advice, to provide unique personalised fitness programmes in a bid to combat obesity.


Innovate UK have awarded £228k to facilitate this research, which will look at both genetic and lifestyle data to provide unique tailored fitness programmes and produce scientifically designed, actionable health and lifestyle recommendations.

The increasing prevalence of obesity is a global epidemic, and is a massive burden on healthcare providers, costing billions every year to manage and treat. With generic plans having high failure rates, research shows that personalised diet and exercise plans tailored to the individual hold the key to help tackling obesity.

Professor Jean-Baptiste Cazier, Director of the new Centre for Computational Biology (CCB) at the University of Birmingham (UK), will be supporting the research by providing bioinformatics expertise.

The Centre for Computational Biology at the University of Birmingham aims to promote excellence in Computational Biology, Systems Biology, and Bioinformatics across the range of fundamental and applied sciences, in both the University and allied Health Care arenas.

Whilst the technology will initially benefit FitnessGenes members, in the long term it is hoped that it will support a wider audience including those that may struggle with weight management and health.