Barbara Fawcett, Book Launch, August 2015

During a recent visit to Sydney in Australia, Professor Barbara Fawcett, from the School of Social Policy at the University of Birmingham, together with Dr Rosalie Pockett, celebrated the launch of their new book 'Turning Ideas Into Research: Theory, Design & Practice'.

A brief synopsis

How do you turn a really good idea into a really good question, and how do you turn this into successful research?

Barbara Fawcett and Rosalie Pockett use their expertise as supervisors and researchers to provide you with the frameworks and the theoretical and practical guidance you need to design, carry out and communicate your research effectively.

The authors’ user-friendly approach emphasizes the importance of participation, collaboration and inclusivity, and examines worldviews and understandings of knowledge in order to enable greater critical reflection. Chapters provide guidance on achieving impact with your research, and feature reflective questions to enhance your engagement with the issues covered. This text is the ideal companion as you set about transforming your ideas into robust research.