We are pleased to announce the publication of two new books this month by members of staff in Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics.

Exploring Digital Communication
Dr Caroline Tagg

Cover of Exploring Digital Communication by Caroline Tagg

The books take an innovative ‘practice to theory’ approach, with a ‘back-to-front’ structure. This leads the reader from real-world problems and issues, through a discussion of intervention and how to engage with these concerns, before finally relating these practical issues to theoretical foundations.


Metonymy: Hidden Shortcuts in Language, Thought and Communication
Dr Jeannette Littlemore
Cambridge University Press

Cover of Metonymy by Jeannette Littlemore

'Metonymy' is a type of figurative language used in everyday conversation, a form of shorthand that allows us to use our shared knowledge to communicate with fewer words than we would otherwise need.