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The team has been very busy recently: the chassis is nearly complete, the loom has been fixed and the Composites Team has started measuring up for body panels. We have gained more sponsorship, the IMechE has given us £3,000 and BP have also stepped up their sponsorship to £1,000. Parts are now also starting to come back from manufacturers and the design concepts are starting to be real life objects.

Our final year members are also currently making some huge developments with their projects:

Alexander Conway, after coming back from a year with Mercedes High Performance Powertrains, has undertaken the design of a V-Twin engine combining the differential, gearbox and engine into one unit

William Eastman has designed a combined upright and brake calliper assembly which is extremely light weight and strong.

Even though both of these projects are work-in-progress, they are vital to the ongoing improvements of the car over the next few years.

Amist all these changes, we've even found time to take a new team photo for UBR18!


If you would like to learn more about what we’re up to, find us on Facebook or Twitter. We also have a website www.ubracing.co.uk where we post regular team updates and newsletters.

Best wishes,

Daisy Partlow and Iestyn Stead

Director of Marketing and Sponsorship, and Head of Media and Powertrain Team