Jone Karres being interviewed by Rob Stone

Basque filmmaker and journalist Jone Karres was recently the guest of B-Film: The Birmingham Centre for Film Studies.

Her exciting and provocative documentary film Sons and Daughters of the Alarde (2013), which describes and investigates the role of tradition, chauvinism and social divisions in relation to local weapons parades in the Basque Country, was screened as part of the Science and Arts Festival and was followed by her being interviewed by Professor Rob Stone, co-director of B-Film, and a lively Q&A with the audience. In addition, Jone Karres delivered a special workshop-seminar to a select group of students the following day, in which she discussed the production and distribution process of low-budget documentary filmmaking as well as the social and political issues illustrated by her film. The students were delighted with the workshop and keen to discuss their own filmmaking ideas with Karres, who has promised to return to B-Film and UoB with her next film, which is currently in pre-production. The opportunity for students from the College of Arts and Law to participate in such a career-minded, practical and engaging workshop was made possible by the collaboration of B-Film members across the college.

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Joanne Karres with students

Photo top: Basque filmmaker Jone Karres being interviewed by Rob Stone following the public screening and UK premiere of Sons and Daughters of the Alarde.
Photo above: Jone Karres with some of the workshop students.