Peter Lee and Vlad Mykhnenko from the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences undertake succesful visit to GAsPERR (Grupo de Pesquisa Produção do Espaço e Redefinições Regionais) at the University of São Paulo.

GEES visit July 2015

The visit in July 2015, and jointly funded by the Brazil Travel Fund and college funds,  provided an opportunity to  start developing a research network with human & physical geographers, urban sociologists and policymakers in Sao Paulo State. As a result, the collaborators from the University of Birmingham and the University of São Paulo identified a research agenda on socio-spatial inequalities, austerity and resilience, and its effect on public policy making in middle cities in Brazil and the UK.  The next stage in this collaborative relationship is to write up a joint research proposal over the next six months, with further research seminars also likely to be planned. 

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