Unspeakable Freedom screening and debate

Dr Zara Dinnen is speaking at an event at Grand Union gallery in Birmingham on 9 April 2015 at 19:00.

Information about the event:

"With the General Election looming, join us for this special screening of Jennet Thomas’ The Unspeakable Freedom Device, an experimental narrative film haunted by the image of Margaret Thatcher as an after-burn on our cultural memory. 

Set in a warped primitive-future world, of collapsing signs and imploding meanings, characters in the film become entangled in a Thatcher cargo-cult where the difference between technology and magic has become incomprehensible.

Jennet Thomas (Matt’s Gallery, London) makes films, performances and installations exploring the connections between the lived everyday, fantasy and ideology. Joining her to discuss the collision between art and politics, technology and fantasy are Tim Dixon, writer and curator interested in participatory and events-based practice, Erica Scourti, artist and writer working in video, performance, online and with text to explore subjectivity in the digital age and Zara Dinnen, a lecturer at Birmingham University whose research explores contemporary literature, film and art in relation to digital culture and new media."

[Image above - Jennet Thomas, stills from The Unspeakable Freedom Device]