Mathematicians from across the world will be meeting at the University of Birmingham to celebrate the 150th year of the London Mathematical Society (LMS) and the 25th year of the European Mathematical Society (EMS).

The Birmingham Joint Mathematical Weekend runs from Friday 18 September to Sunday 20 September and there will be sessions from world-renowned mathematicians covering Algebra, Analysis and Combinatorics.

Professor Paul Flavell, Head of School in the School of Mathematics at the University of Birmingham, said ‘The Birmingham Joint Mathematical Weekend gives our students and researchers the opportunity to meet mathematical experts from across the world. We are delighted that the LMS has given us this opportunity to host the celebration of its 150th year.’

More than 150 mathematicians from all corners of the world have registered for the weekend with over 30 talks and sessions taking place.

Terry Lyons, President of the London Mathematical Society, added ‘2015 is a very significant birthday year for both the LMS and the EMS, so I am particularly pleased that we’ve been able to organise a joint celebration of these historical milestones. This is a great opportunity for professional mathematicians to get together and have some intellectual fun sharing some ideas around some world leading research. My thanks to University of Birmingham for hosting the event, and congratulations to the EMS on its 25th anniversary.’

The opportunity to network and learn with mathematical experts has been the focus of the weekend since it began; plenary speakers for the 2015 event include Noga Alon, Keith Ball, Béla Bollobás, Timothy Gowers, Stefanie Petermichl, and Aner Shalev.

Pavel Exner, President of the European Mathematical Society said ‘As is usually the case with new formats, the idea of a weekend mathematical conference looked a bit exotic when it appeared for the first time. Twelve years later, with the ninth issue approaching, it is already a tradition which by all accounts the community likes. The Birmingham Joint Mathematical Weekend is organised in conjunction with an important anniversary of the London Mathematical Society and gives the participants an opportunity to appreciate how lively and interesting the mathematical life in the UK is.’

Thanks are due to the organisers Chris Parker, Anton Evseev, Maria Reguera and Andrew Treglown.