Doctoral student Jing Huang has been awarded a ‘Gold Award’ by the Department of Education in the Chinese Embassy in London. This award is in recognition of an essay (in Chinese) that Jing had written for a Symposium Report Competition in 2015. The main theme of the 2015 symposium, which was collaboratively organised by the Chinese Embassy and the Chinese Educational Research Association-UK, was ‘comparative research on UK-China education’ and there were also 39 other sub themes. The aim of the discussions and essays arising from the symposium were to help inform the current policy making in China’s education system reform.

In her prize winning essay (‘Hegemony and diversity: the current language ecology in Britain’) based on her own research interests on multilingualism in globalisation, Jing reported on the historical and current use of research on English and minority languages (such as Welsh, Gaelic, and ethnic languages) in the UK. Jing’s essay, together with the other two gold-awarded reports, will be published on China’s leading educational journal in due course.  

Jing Huang with the Chinese ambassador

Jing Huang accepting her award from Minister-Counsellor SHEN Yang at the Chinese Embassy on 11th March 2016.