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Emelia Galkowska

Emelia Galkowska (MSci Physics 2015 ) tells us how she's enjoying life as a graduate working for BAE Sytems.

Since graduating in July from the School of Physics and Astronomy I have taken on the form of a “Combat Systems Engineer”, working for BAE Systems – Naval Ships.

But before I hit the “real world of work”, where I’d have to start counting holiday days, I made the most of my summer – I visited Madrid, Vilnius and Turkey, spending time with my best friends and family.

Now I am close to completing my first placement on the Graduate Development Scheme where I have been working on the Queen Elizabeth Class (QEC) Aircraft Carriers. I love telling people about my job! Every day I work towards delivering the biggest ship the Royal Navy will have ever operated.

I have been looking specifically at the compliance of lights to Night Vision Goggles, to make sure pilots will be able to take off from and approach the ship safely at night. This placement has seen me fly to Edinburg, Scotland on a number of occasions to see the progress being made on ship 1, HMS Queen Elizabeth. Although these are long days, taking the first flight up from Heathrow, working the day on the Carrier and then flying home in the evening, the excitement of working on ship makes up for it!

Each placement lasts for 6 months within the graduate scheme so as all good things must, this placement is about to end. However, I am excited to be moving to Glasgow next week (although not so excited about the drive from Surrey to Glasgow...) to start my new placement working on the Marine Systems for Type 26, the new Global Combat Ship.

It hasn’t just been all work either: before Christmas I had the opportunity to go to India for a week which was thoroughly fantastic and terrifying at the same time! It was quite a whirlwind tour starting in Delhi, going via Agra and Jaipur to end in Kerala less than 7 days later. It was definitely worth the jetlag and I’d love to go again, next time for longer!

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