Jamaican and British flags

The Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) Foundation and the University of Birmingham have opened the application process for the University of Birmingham and Jamaica National Foundation Legacy Scholarship 2016/17.

The scholarship was developed following London’s 2012 Olympics and provides a unique opportunity for an outstanding Jamaican student to be a part of a university community which offers education that is academically challenging; and, above all, transformative.

Saffrey Brown, general manager at the JNBS Foundation, noted that as the Legacy scholarship enters its final year it has already created an impactful legacy that has and will continue to result in the exchange and application of first world standards into the local work arena by beneficiaries of the scholarship, who have been exposed to aspects of business in an international setting.

"Providing scholarships of this calibre for Jamaican students is important as it provides an opportunity for the best students to study overseas, develop global networks and contribute to introducing emerging ideas in the local market," said Ms Brown.

The Legacy Scholarship Programme, which is endorsed by the Governor General Sir Patrick Allen through his 'I Believe Initiative', is awarded annually to one Jamaican tertiary graduate during the three-year period, 2014 -2016.

The Legacy Scholarship is open to all students who have successfully been made an offer to study  for a Master of Science degree at Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham.