Army Reservists have two clearly defined roles:

  • To provide highly trained soldiers who can work alongside the Regulars on missions in the UK and overseas.
  • To give people who have specialist skill(s), a range of exciting opportunities, in order to use them in new ways.

A variety of operations

Working alongside the Regulars, Reservists can be deployed in a variety of UK based operations. Recent involvement has included support with the Commonwealth games, flood crisis management and providing national support during major service strikes.

A variety of positions

Positions include: Communications, international relations, intelligence, engineering, environmental health, management, healthcare, translation and many more. There may be also the chance to travel abroad if you wish.

A variety of choice

Commitment can be as little as 19 days per year. As a student you won’t be deployed and you can leave at any time. Reservists are paid for all training and deployments. For more information please visit

The Army Reserve run four annual 'Reserve Challenge Weekends', which are a great way for students to develop their leadership and management skills. It is also a good way to find out more about being a Reservist.

What’s more, the Reserve Challenge Weekends are FREE for students to attend!

  • An action packed weekend with the Army Reserve in the West Midlands.
  • Get free leadership training and experience which can’t be gained elsewhere.
  • Enhance your skills with Planning, Survival, and Navigation Exercises.
  • An opportunity to test yourselves and use your communication, motivational and problem solving skills in a team.
  • Make your graduate job applications stand out, by adding the Challenge Weekend Military Report which you will receive, to your CV!
  • Have a lot of fun!

Any student can attend a Reserve Challenge Weekend in order to develop their leadership and management skills. However, the Army Reserve are particularly keen in having individuals who are interested in joining the Army Reserve, attend the Reserve Challenge Weekends.

NOTE: You must be a British National in order to join the Army Reserves!

Students can sign up to any of the below Reserve Challenge Weekends, which will be held on the following dates:

  • 19-21 April

  • 17-19 May

  • 21-23 June

  • 13-15 September

19-21 April

17-19 May

21-23 June

13-15 September

“My team was great & it really was an experience I will never forget.” – UoB student.

Please read the Army Reserves - Reserve Challenge Weekend (PDF - 116KB), for details and the preparation required in order to attend a Reserve Challenge Weekend.

To book onto any of the Reserve Challenge Weekends, please email your name, course, year of study and email address to the following email:

Armed Forces Employment Pathway:

Step 1: Students attend one of the four ‘Exercise Reserve Challenge’ weekends held annually (4 to be held throughout the year):

Step 2: Successful candidates begin the process of joining the Army Reserve

Step 3: Students begin an unpaid work experience placement with a business local to their area or interest to them (employers include: Jaguar Land Rover, Carillion, Pertemps and more)

Step 4: Candidates begin work experience and join the Reserve