In her talk, Paula Pérez Sobrino discussed the relevance of notions such as sound symbolism, synaesthesia, metaphor and metonymy for the understanding of musical structure, and showed how they can be applied to the specific case study of sound logos. One of the main conclusions of the talk was that the conscious incorporation of these conceptual devices at the stage of brand & advert creation can enhance the memorability and positive evaluation of the brand by consumers.

Paula Pérez Sobrino has been collaborating with Nina Julich (University of Leipzig) for a couple of years now to bring together the study of metaphors about music and metaphors in music. Nina Julich, who is also participating in the 3rd International Conference "Exploring the Mind Through Music" organised by the Sheperd School of Music at Rice University (Houston, Texas) presented today her work "Speaking of music: A conceptual metaphor theory approach to musical discourse". She explored topics such as embodiment, degrees of metaphoricity, and descriptive vs interpretative metaphor in concerts reviews and academic articles of music.

Paula P-Sobrino presenting at Rice University