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The Institute of European Law Annual Lecture 2016 was delivered on Monday 18 January 2016 by Jacqueline Minor, Head of the Representation of European Commission in the United Kingdom.

A graduate of this law school, Jacqueline Minor began her career in the European Institutions at the Court of Justice in 1984. Since then she has covered different roles in both the Commission and the Court of Justice. She took up her post as Head of the Commission’s Representation in the UK on 16th February 2013.

The lecture was entitled “Britain’s place in Europe: a view from the European Commission’s Representation in London” focussed on the ‘Three Rs’: Reform, Renegotiation, Referendum. Since its conception as the EEC, the UK's relationship with the European Project has been ambivalent. The British government is committed to a fundamental reform of that relationship which it is in the process of negotiating. In view of these developments, Jacqueline Minor addressed questions such as: What are the Prime Minister's demands? How right they be met? And what impact will the negotiation have on the forthcoming referendum?