Rhodri attended the launch of the ‘Science on Screen project’ with President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, Claire Riordan, Scientific Engagement Associate in CÚRAM and Declan Gibbons, Manager of Galway Film Centre. Rhodri is an Investigator in CÚRAM

The Science Foundation Ireland Centre for Research in Medical Devices (CÚRAM) and Galway Film Centre have just launched a new project called ‘Science on Screen’. This is funded through Science Foundation Ireland’s Discover Programme and the new partnership aims to facilitate, promote and increase the science, technology, engineering and maths content in Irish film and TV production.

The project will fund two 26 minute science films which will incorporate areas of research currently underway in CÚRAM. CÚRAM comprises one of the research activities being carried out in the Biomedical Sciences building, part of the National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Science directed by Rhodri Ceredig. There will be an information day to provide producers and filmmakers with the opportunity to hear first-hand from scientists working in CÚRAM. These persons will give short presentations on key areas of current research being carried out by CÚRAM and its academic partners across Europe. Over 200 renowned experts in are working on biomaterials, drug delivery, cell therapy, glycoscience and device design and industry projects associated with the research centre.

The aim is to provide two experienced filmmakers with funding and access to leading scientists and laboratories within CÚRAM, as well as to patient groups The filmmakers  will explore methods of scientific ‘story telling’ that incorporates aspects of current research. Galway Film Centre is in discussion with a broadcaster to air the finished films by November 2016. 

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