First paper submitted!!

During the first two months, Noemie Gensous,  performed literature review and a deep search in public databases in order to identify DNA methylation changes associated with age-related conditions (for example, frailty and sarcopenia) and affected by dietary or physical interventions.

Publicly available data, containing an analysis of genome wide methylation patterns obtained by Illumina Infinium 450K platform, were obtained from GEO DataSets website. Data were analysed with an analytical pipeline.

ESR 10, Noemie Gensous, was also trained to the extraction of genomic DNA and to bisulfite conversion of DNA, in order to perform later DNA methylation analysis of selected genes by Sequenom® MassArray Platform.

A narrative review, entitled “The epigenetic landscape of age-related diseases: the geroscience perspective”, was written and submitted to Biogerontology for the Special Issue: Future of Ageing. This paper review the associations between epigenetics, focusing on DNA methylation, and age-related diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, sarcopenia and frailty. It is currently under review.