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The contribution by Birmingham to the discovery of gravitational waves received major coverage in a number of media outlets. Professors Andreas Freise and Alberto Vecchio (School of Physics and Astronomy) were interviewed by a number of media including Channel 4, BBC, BBC Radio 5, The Independent, Guardian, The Daily Mail, Nature, The Times of India, Birmingham Mail and Birmingham Updates. PhD students from the team, Anna Green and Simon Stevenson, participated in a live discussion on BBC World Service immediately after the announcement was made.

Research by Professor Bob Stone (School of Engineering) featured in a New Scientist article about the use of virtual reality to battle depression.

Professor Michael Cruise (School of Physics and Astronomy) wrote an article for The Conversation commemorating the Luna 9 landings 50 years ago and how it has paved the way for today’s space adventures.

Dr Haider Butt (School of Mechanical Engineering) spoke on BBC Radio 4: Inside Science about his research on printable holograms and graphene lenses.

For Shrove Tuesday Dr Simon Cotton (School of Chemistry) wrote an article for The Conversation about the science behind making a perfect pancake.

Professor Mark Simmons (School of Chemical Engineering) spoke to BBC Radio 4 Inside Science about a working prototype of an artificial human colon. Built by Birmingham Chemical Engineers, the team hopes to use it to measure drug delivery to the colon.

Professor Bob Stone (Department of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering) was interviewed by Dronetech about Virtual Heritage and the worlds it can help to uncover.