Entrepreneurial Spark Powered by NatWest is the world’s largest free business accelerator and provides support to entrepreneurs throughout the UK to build the businesses of tomorrow. 

The University of Birmingham is working with Entrepreneurial Spark to create opportunities for students to be part of this exciting and innovative environment. Within the Birmingham accelerator there are a range of businesses from varying sectors such as medtech, fintech, apps, food, services and much more. 

This is your opportunity to help shape and deliver the strategic plans of some of the most innovative start-ups across the Midlands, giving you the chance to apply the knowledge you have built during your studies, and experience the excitement of a start-up business. You will also help develop disruptive business models, and potentially create your own future employment opportunity. 

We are looking for students to work with some of Birmingham’s most exciting and promising start-ups on a short-term voluntary basis (travel expenses will be covered). The internships will last 20 days in duration, and can be completed over a part-time basis over the Autumn term (October – Jan/Dec) within a 10 week timeframe (e.g. students can work with the business for 1/2 days a week over a 10 week period). 

Flexibility will be provided and prioritised for students to complete the internships around timetables/studies.

See below for the opportunities that are available:

  • Blenheim Watch Limited – Social Media & Marketing Internship - closed
  • Brand Snap – Social Media Expert Internship - closed
  • Education Events – Education Awards Marketing Internship - closed
  • HairO – Campaign/Social Media Marketer Internship - closed
  • Popcorn – Digital Marketing Support & Customer Service Internship - closed
  • Popcorn - Video Production & Graphic Design Internship (PDF - 130KB) - deadline extended until Sunday 5 November 2017
  • The National Energy Hub Ltd – Marketing Internship - closed
  • The Womb Room – Digital Campaigns & Marketing Internship - closed
  • Vittoria – Marketing Strategy Internship - closed

The opportunities and are open to all students at The University of Birmingham (undergraduates and postgraduates).

Once you have submitted your application form and providing you are successful, you will be invited to attend an event day where you will have the opportunity to meet the Entrepreneurs behind the businesses and decide who you would like to work with. The entrepreneurs will deliver a 60 second pitch to you as a collective, giving you an insight into what they do. You will then have the opportunity to tell the entrepreneurs about the skills you have and how you could benefit their business. The open day will be held week commencing 30 October 2017 in Birmingham City Centre.

“The internship has given me an insight into what needs to be done in terms of setting up a business and because of this opportunity I would I say I feel more confident if I was to go and do that, as it is definitely one of my future aspirations’’.

For more information, visit the Entrepreneurial Spark website.