In light of the Prime Minister’s call for an EU Referendum in the UK, Professor Jenny Phillimore examines the idea that high levels of welfare increases the number of new migrants to a country.

As part of a proposed deal that would see the UK curb benefits for new migrants if the UK is to remain as part of the EU, Professor Phillimore asks whether this will have an impact of new migrant numbers, or whether such a proposal will simply discriminate against those already in work and decrease their living standards even further.

Over the coming months, the Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS) will be leading on further research and public engagement around migration and the upcoming EU referendum. In what will be both an exciting and challenging time for the UK, we will discuss the most pressing issues around migration and foster public debate, helping to frame the key questions we should all be considering.

Read the article, 'EU migrants and access to benefits: Where's the controversy