Bone marrow and fetal liver pro-B cells have been grown long-term in stromal cell-free cultures supplemented with IL-7, Flt3L, and SCF. When the cultured cells are transplanted into immune-deficient mice they give rise to mature B cells that participate in T-cell dependent immune responses.

Lilly EJI article

Lilly von Muenchow, Panagiotis Tsapogas, Llucia Albertí-Servera, Giuseppina Capoferri, Marianne Doelz, Hannie Rolink, Nabil Bosco, Rhodri Ceredig and Antonius G. Rolink. Pro-B cells propagated in stromal cell-free cultures reconstitute functional B-cell compartments in immunodeficient mice. European Journal of Immunology. Published ahead of print December 7, 2016. doi: 10.1002/eji.201646638 

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