We've received some reactions to our "Food for Thought" workshop we organised in Brussels on 28th September, and couldn't be more delighted!

Marie Froidmont was one of the winners of our Food for Thought quiz. She has just sent as an email saying:"This exposition was amazing, there were a lot of things to see and do, which was fun. The experiments were all very well presented and interactive which I think personally is a quicker way to understand what is actually happening. I think that the project must keep going and maybe have more experiments in the future."

And that's not it - take a look at the rest of feedback we collected on site:

  • Interesting
  • Very good. Well presented.
  • Nice to learn about the positive effects of holding a warm beverage (might be handy later in life :) )
  • Positive, interesting explanation
  • Tres bon!
  • (I’ve learnt that) Comme quoi les pubs peuvent reallement differencier d’un pays a l’autre
  • (I’ve learnt that) On ne crois pas toujours les choses q’on voit
  • This was a very good experience
  • Chinese advertising is a bit weird, everything was explained very well! Fun experience!
  • You explained everything very well.
  • Good job, I learnt some new stuff.
  • I like it because it was cool :P
  • This was a fun thing! Liked the “strange” experiment and the emotion thing watching commercials
  • I like the project and find it very well organised
  • This was very interesting! I’ve had neuromarketing and online psychology at school, and we never learnt this! Thank you for a great experience (XXX from Norway)
  • I liked how you can tell if I liked and advert or not. It was also interesting to see how different cultures and countries perceived advertisements differently.
  • I learnt hoe different an advert or image can seem to different cultures. It was very interesting!
  • The ad with the babies was very nice. I liked how the small kids did the exact same movements as the grown-up.
A feedback box

We’re living an exciting period in science nowadays, where science meets creativity outside the lab. This is a brilliant initiative that allows both researchers and lay visitors to learn very valuable lessons from each other. Many thanks for all your positive reactions and support!