Since May 2015, Dr Joe Sanderson and Dr Chris Lonsdale have been delivering a multi-level CPD programme (Strategic Sourcing Masterclasses) within Rolls-Royce Aerospace.  

Three different programme offerings are aimed at: 1) procurement and contract managers; 2) cross-functional teams including procurement, supply chain strategy, engineering and manufacturing; and 3) senior executives within engineering, HR, finance and operations roles. This CPD programme will run until mid-2017, by which time it will have been delivered to approximately 450 managers. 

Chris and Joe have now launched a research project, funded by the Business School Research and Innovation Fund, to assess the impact of this CPD programme on how these various types of managers interact with one another in the course of making decisions about the sourcing and production processes for aerospace engine manufacturing. A key objective of the CPD programme is to provide a common language and decision-making framework in order to enable managers from different business functions to develop a shared mental model. It is hoped that this shared mental model will either (a) lower the frequency of conflicting preferences in decision-making or (b) provide a better basis on which such conflicting preferences might be explored and resolved. The aim of Chris and Joe's research project is to understand how far, if at all, this shared mental model has started to develop and have an impact on production and supply chain management decision-making in Rolls-Royce Aerospace.

The first phase of this research project is due for completion in late 2016. Journal publications and a second phase of research will follow in 2017.

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