The University of Birmingham is continuing to make strategic investments across its research base in the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences. As part of this we are seeking to appoint three new Lecturers or Senior Lecturers in Earth Sciences. All appointees will be expected to actively collaborate with Geosystems staff to further develop the quality and impact of our research within the international research community.

Vacancies are as follows: 

Applications are invited from candidates to strengthen and expand our Geosystems theme expertise in the broad field of tectonics, including volcanic and magmatic processes and geophysics. Our current research in tectonics is focused on plate boundary tectonics, particularly continental breakup and seafloor spreading, and the accompanying processes of magma generation, transport and eruption. This research is underpinned by expertise in seismic imaging and interpretation, igneous petrology, mantle dynamics, structural geology and rock magnetism.

Applications are invited from candidates who would strengthen and expand our Geosystems theme expertise in the field of palaeoclimate and/or palaeoenvironmental reconstruction. In the field of palaeoclimate, our research is focused on the dynamic evolution of the Earth’s climate and climate-biosphere interactions over a range of timescales. Spanning both the marine and terrestrial realm, particular strengths lie in micropalaeontology, palaeoceanography and the analysis of fossil molecular biomarkers. 

Applications are invited from candidates to strengthen and expand our Geosystems theme expertise in the field of evolutionary and/or quantitative palaeobiology. In the field of palaeobiology, our research is focused on climate-biosphere interactions, the drivers of long-term diversity and patterns of evolution. We have a large and vibrant palaeobiology group with six permanent staff members whose expertise ranges across vertebrate palaeobiology, palaeobotany and micropaleontology.