Professor Daniela Kühn has commenced her highly prized EPSRC established career fellowship worth approximately one million pounds. In addition to allowing Daniela to devote herself to ground-breaking research, she will also continue to support postdoctoral researchers for a period of six years.

The research is focused on the interface of Combinatorics, Probability and its applications, in particular, to algorithms. This is a rapidly developing area of Mathematics, with applications, for example, to Theoretical Computer Science, Statistical Physics and Operations Research. Large graphs underpin much of modern society and science, and can be used to model networks in a variety of disciplines. These models give rise to a variety of challenging computational problems. The probabilistic perspective arises both as an invaluable method of proof as well as through the analysis of typical properties of combinatorial objects.

Daniela will concentrate on the three core themes:

  • Randomised property testing;
  • random discrete structures; and
  • randomised constructions.

This accolade follows on from Daniela's recent success in securing a prestigious Wolfson Royal Society Research Merit Award.