Second year students from the School of Mathematics presented their work to business and industry as part of their ‘Mathematics in Industry’ module.  

Maths poster presentation

Students have been working in groups for a 10 week period on real-life problems that have been posed by a range of companies and organisations including: The R&A, The TicketSellers, the Office for National Statistics, National Grid, E.ON Energy, and Caterpillar.

Students were required to develop models and approaches to understand the real-world challenges and make recommendations to the companies as to possible solutions. The projects and results were presented through posters within the Great Hall at the University of Birmingham to fellow students (from all years within the School of Mathematics), business and industry, and academic staff from across the University.

Working on industrial projects has provided our students with the opportunity to apply their mathematical skills to solve real-life problems containing interdisciplinary components and also to develop their skills in communication, teamwork and project management. For the employers, it has provided the opportunity to have teams of undergraduates developing and testing ideas for a range of problems currently encountered by their organisations.

The poster presentation followed on from the successes of Mathematics in Industry last year, when three of our students went on to win the national NPower Forecasting Challenge.