Photograph of Professor Michael Zev Gordon
Professor Michael Zev Gordon

Professor Michael Zev Gordon will be the director of the Cheltenham Composer Academy from 2016 to 2018.

 The Cheltenham Composer Academy is part of the Cheltenham Music Festival, one of the oldest music festivals in Britain, and part of the broader Cheltenham Festivals.

From the Composer Academy website: "Early-career composers are invited to apply for a course which has proved, in its first three years, to be hugely stimulating, wide-ranging and influential. Participants will have their compositions workshopped, performed and recorded, attend a range of premiere performances at the Cheltenham Music Festival, and have access to industry professionals in a series of panel talks that will discuss craft and contemporary aesthetics along with career development. Workshops will be steered by a range of composers whose new works are being heard during the Festival."