On 4 July 2016 Professor Michaela Mahlberg will deliver the workshop "Introducing Corpus Linguistics for the Study of Literature" at the Centre for Language and Linguistics, University of Kent.

Corpus linguistics uses computer software to support the study of large collections of data. Increasingly, corpus linguistic techniques have been used for the study of literary texts and research in this area is often referred to as 'corpus stylistics'. This workshop will give a basic introduction to corpus linguistics, highlighting its relevance to the study of literary texts and its applications in stylistics. There will be hands-on exercises so that participants can practise basic techniques and also have the opportunity to reflect on the applicability of corpus methods in their own teaching and research. Michaela Mahlberg is Professor of Corpus Linguistics and Director of the Centre for Corpus Research at the University of Birmingham. She is PI on the AHRC-funded project: Characterisation in the representation of speech and body language from a corpus linguistic perspective. The project is developing the free online web application CLiC – which will be introduced in the workshop. CLiC has been specifically designed to support the corpus linguistic study of 19th century fiction.

For more information please visit the event website.