The worlds of warfare and virtual reality are an appealing combination. Millions of fans of Call of Duty would no doubt jump from their sofas at the chance to immerse themselves in a 3D version of the game, given the right kit.

Military needs a more realistic approach to virtual reality

But the serious side of this combination is appealing too. Using virtual reality to train soldiers and other military personnel is a much safer (and cheaper) option for governments and their defence organisations. So what does the future hold for virtual reality technologies and their military applications?

Every year, the world’s defence simulation industries come together at international events to show off their latest products, each vying for the attention of the browsing military supremos. ITEC and DSEI are huge exhibitions where defence procurers queue side by side with developers and high-tech enthusiasts, hopeful of experiencing the latest advances in virtual reality military simulation. Learn more about Professor Stone's research into virtual, augmented and mixed reality on the Conversation website.