Organisation: Cactus TV
Nature of business: Independent TV and production company
Intern student name: Olivia Leat
Company contact: Naomi

Cactus TV is an independent TV and production company based in London. Cactus pride themselves on being dynamic and creative and their current portfolio includes Saturday Kitchen, The Roux Scholarship, The TV Book Club and The Crime Thriller Awards. This summer, Cactus offered two University of Birmingham students the opportunity to spend a week with them, gaining hands-on experience within this competitive sector. For more information, please visit

During my placement with Cactus TV I was tasked with a variety of activities. I was given the chance to learn about script transcribing, how to prepare dressing rooms for the talent and the different aspects of what is expected of a runner. I also gained insight into how TV programmes are edited and about the set up and wrap of a set and what happens in between.

I gained a number of new skills including script transcribing, which I think I particularly excelled in in terms of touch typing. I learnt to always be engaged and constantly doing something.

I most enjoyed being a runner on the day of a shoot and all of the preparation that it entails.

My time with Cactus TV has helped expand my knowledge of TV 100%! I now have a deeper understanding of the work that goes into a TV programme and all the different teams and terminology that surround that.

I also feel this placement has benefitted my university studies as it has given me more confidence in exploring other modules and has made me more organised and focused when encountering new tasks.
The only improvement I’d suggest for the work experience is just to make it two weeks rather than one!

During Olivia’s placement I feel she has learnt a lot about the world of television and has had the opportunity to get some hands on experience. Olivia’s enthusiasm was great, always getting in the thick of the day’s activities and consistently offering to do anything required from the Production Teams.

Olivia was always smiling on set and got along very well with the other members of the team, she worked well alone and in a team, which is a great combination.

I would like to thank Olivia for her hard work, great attitude to learn and effort she has put in this week.