On Monday 4th September 2016, The Independent published an open letter from Dr Nicola Rollock from CRRE and Dr Melanie Crofts from the University of Northampton to the PM, Theresa May, asking for action on race not audits. The letter included a number of signatories from academics such as Professor Gemma Moss the President of the British Educational Research Association and Professor Danny Dorling from Oxford.  

The letter follows an announcement on 27th August 2016 from Theresa May launching an 'audit of public services to reveal racial disparities and to help end the injustices that many people experience' (See for example https://www.theguardian.com/society/2016/aug/27/theresa-may-announces-audit-to-tackle-public-sector-racial-disparities). However, as stated in the open letter, considerable data already exists of racial inequalities across both the public and private sectors. The letter argues that the Government should instead focus attentions on using available evidence to address race inequalities head on.

Read the Open Letter An effective, joined-up alternative to the Prime Minister’s flawed policy on race  (Scroll down to the 6th letter on the page)