Election event 19 November

There is a tradition of holding politicians to account in Citizens UK. In 2015 we gathered in the Great Hall at the University to hear politicians pledge actions in advance of the General Election and prior to the City Council and Police and Crime Commissioners elections earlier this year, we listened to commitments from the key candidates  at Carrs Lane Church and Conference  Centre in central Birmingham.  

On 29 March next year, the Great Hall will host another event, the Pre Mayoral Election Assembly and on Saturday 19 November, the Birmingham Chapter of Citizens UK met to discuss how the successful candidate will be able to deliver for civil society in the West Midlands. The day-long event was attended by leaders and delegates from its member institutions, including a number of undergraduate students from the College of Social Sciences who are studying the ‘Professional Development’ module and enjoying placements with Citizen UK Birmingham.

At the event, attendees shared testimonies and discussed the action priorities that will be put to the mayoral candidates in March – specific and achievable requests that we will expect each candidate to deliver on, should they be elected.  Citizens UK Birmingham anticipates attendance of over a thousand at the Assembly and we have pledged at least 100 delegates from the College of Social Sciences. Further information will be circulated in due course and if you are interested or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Monder Ram  M.Ram@bham.ac.uk  or Karin Bottom k.a.bottom@bham.ac.uk