Researchers from Project PERFECT will be giving a series of talks in February 2016.

On Wednesday 3rd February Ema Sullivan-Bissett will speak at the Department of Philosophy’s Seminar Series at the Open University, jointly organised by three research groups on Values, Reasons and Norms, and History of Philosophy. She will give her paper "Epistemic Normativity and Biological Function".

At the False but Useful Beliefs Workshop in London (PERFECT 2016, 4-5th February), Ema Sullivan-Bissett will present a paper on “False but Useful Beliefs on Epistemic Normativity”, Kathy Puddifoot will talk about "The Illusory Nature of the Ethical/Epistemic Dilemma over Stereotyping", and Lisa Bortolotti will deliver a talk on “The Epistemic Innocence of Self-enhancing Beliefs”.

On Thursday 5th February, Michael Larkin, co-investigator in the PERFECT project, will talk about experiences of hospitalisation at a conference on Early Intervention in Psychosis in Oxford.

On Wednesday 10th February Kathy Puddifoot will present a talk on "Stereotyping Patients: how, when and why is it costly?” at the University of Bristol Philosophy of Medicine Seminar.

At the workshop on Optimism: Its Nature, Causes, and Effects, to be held in London on 25-26th February, Lisa Bortolotti will talk about “Optimism Bias and Engaged Agency”, and network member Anneli Jefferson will present a paper entitled “Is the Optimism Bias an Adaptation?”.