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Soapbox Science event
Elise at the event

On Saturday 18 June some of the country’s top female academics took to the streets of Oxford to tell the public about their research.  This event, run by Soapbox Science, was one of a series which aims to promote women in science in an interesting and engaging way as they share their passion for science with the general public.

Elise Facer-Childs, a third-year PhD student at the University of Birmingham was delighted to be included among this year’s successful applicants.  Her talk titled ‘What makes you tick? How your body clocks affect your sleep, your brain and your performance!’ gained a wide audience. It focused around the following question: ‘It seems that in today’s society, everyone is striving to obtain their best.  Whether that is at work, at home or in between there is a huge focus on individual performance.  We all know that some of us are better in the morning and some of us love burning that midnight oil, but have you ever thought about why and how?’

Of the event, Elise commented:

“Soapbox Science is a great way to support female scientists who are trying to pave their way in a predominately male led profession. It was absolutely fantastic to be a part of Soapbox Science and see so many people engaged and numerous questions being stimulated. What a great way to promote interest and awareness of a field of science that is so important to each and every one of us.”