Mark Ryan, Professor in Computer Security, has been inaugurated as HP Chair in Cyber Security. The role marks a strategic partnership between the University and HP Labs, paving the way for leading research into cyber security.

Cyber security is a key priority for the School of Computer Science. Recent web attacks have been shown to use compromised connected devices, including webcams and printers, to attack websites.


Professor Ryan said, ‘The internet of things is going to bring a new wave of innovation, affecting how the physical world and the digital world interact. Figuring out how to support privacy and security for users in this setting is a huge task. This research chair is a great opportunity to work with a company that can complement the skills of academics and help bring theoretical ideas into practical realities.’

Professor Ryan is an internationally recognised expert in cyber security and leads the Security and Privacy group in the School of Computer Science which has grown into one of the principal cyber security groups in the UK. The group is also one of the EPSRC/GCHQ Academic Centres of Excellence in Cyber Security Research.


‘Increasing pervasiveness of technology means cyber security will become even more important and challenging. It is a top priority to invest now in research and partnerships to address this issue,’ said Simon Shiu, Director of HP’s Security Lab. ‘Academia, business and government each have different contexts, experiences and skillsets. It is critical for us to work together to successfully address our shared future cyber security challenges. This new Chair is a critical step forward.’

The appointment follows a £1.9bn investment into the National Cyber Security Strategy by UK government. The Strategy is based around three pillars: Defence, Deter and Develop.